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its own emigration law and california had its own and texas and maryland and maine and all the rest of the states had their own immigration laws. we would cease to be one country and each state would be its own country if they each had their own regulations. >> if the governor of arizona were on this program, her response would be we are only doing what we have done because the federal government have abdicated their responsibility to doing exactly what mr. saenz says that ought to be doing, which is to secure the border and we are only doing it because the federal government has not stepped up. >> there are certainly issues with the immigration laws and regulations. i would probably have different views of the problems, but constitutionally, the remedy for a state like arizona and the governor, who is on satisfied with the program, is to direct the representative of arizona and congress and the senate to change the law, to change the federal regulations. we don't have any self-help provision in the constitution that says if you are dissatisfied with something the federal government
rare. this particular county in maryland only set this program up two years ago, the ones that have them in place are now running out of money because they get it on real estate taxes. and real estate sales are way down as we know in the recession. even though this has been going on in localities it's not going to resolve the farm land reduction we're running in to. >> you can't do it by localities. that to say, if you want to deal with smart growth which by its nature spreads throughout the state, it's got to be done at the state level. >> you cannot deny the fact that immigration is a significant contribute tore why we have this type of sprawly we have this growth in population centers that is moving -- >> why is that not talked about more? >> it's multi-faceted. just like the kong get woman said, through zoning laws you can control these things. well, we we can easily control our borders and lock them down, fix our immigration system, punish the employers that are giving the incentives to have people come over here and work illegally. the agricultural business is over 50% workers
is look at states like maryland that have a graduated driver's license program for all new drivers regardless will of what age they are. >> we want to stop the joyriding and the kind of attitude that teens are going to get in the car with six of their friends like we've seen in the horrible horrendous accidents and take down the road and go through a stop sign and everyone dies in the car. that is what we want to try to stop. >> which is why banning cellphone use while driving and banning texting is a top priority for senator klobuchar. the stand up act forces states that do not restrict cellphone use while driving to lose federal highway funding. >> no matter what age, 23 times more likely to get in an accident if you are texting and no text is worth dying for. i find out our staff about talking about one guy who i adore who has championship texting while he drove and i'm driving with him and he is texting and it was way back when we had one seat in the senate controlled the balance in the senates. and i say so we are all worried about gaining seats and keeping the seat and you're
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)